My Holiday Reading List

IMG_3427I haven’t been able to pick up a book since before my exams. The stress of school got in the way of one of my favourite hobbies – getting lost in a world of prose. Today I have a list of 10 great reads that are perfect for the summer: nothing too deep, but great for lying on the beach with a mojito, flying somewhere for a holiday, or just relaxing in your garden on a sunny afternoon.

1. I Heart New York 

Somewhere I have dreamed of always going, I picked up this book the first day I sunbathed and didn’t put it down for the next 24 hours. It’s about heartbreak, friendship and, of course, the big apple. What better place to run away when life isn’t what it seems.

2&3. I Heart Hollywood (and Paris) 

Of course, I couldn’t mention one of Lindsey Kelk’s books without mentioning the rest of the trilogy. Angela’s off again on two more trips and, obviously, love is involved.

4-10. Shopaholic 

Some of the best summer reads are series – you can read the entire set in one summer and return to the office, bragging about having read 6 books (a lot for me). This series is one of my summer favourites because they’re so easy to read and very light-hearted – perfect for the beach. And now Kinsella has released a seventh novel to the series which I must purchase before August is out!

What books do you have on your holiday reading list? Share your titles below, I love new suggestions

Jess xx

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