Something for summer: The Edinburgh Fringe Festival

During the ‘sunny’ month of August, performers travel from all corners of the globe to Scotland’s capital city for the world’s largest arts festival. With performers ranging from opera singers to Artaudian lovers, The Fringe is filled with everything you could imagine. Today we will take you with us to look at our favourite acts of The Fringe – hard to narrow down from the staggering 2,900 who turn up.

Lets start at the heart of the Fringe – The Underbelly (ok, not really the heart, but still a vital part of the body, right?). For the companies 16th year at the prestigious festival they have both debut shows and companies returning after successes in the previous years. Edinburgh sure does love a good Bromance with the physical theatre group returning for their second year. If you’re there for the final weekend, we recommend the “Edinburgh special” – Kinetic Comedy.  For some raw energy how about Feminasty: where Megan Ford takes on patriarchy with sketches and rap?

Moving over to Assembly, all the way from comedy to theatre, cabaret to dance, this company has something for everyone and its venues can be found throughout the city. If you’ve got the whole family why don’t you stop by the George Square Gardens and check out Ireland’s most loveable idiots in Lords or Strut? Or how about turning your world upside down and heading to the Australian game show: Grossed out. For something a little more physical why not share the space with four jugglers and four ballet dancers for the first time every in 4×4. If you’re looking for something different, check out Nailed It! For when you are (or really aren’t) nailing it.

Finally, from the company that bought you the show last year full of hipsters, and selfies, Hungry Bitches Productions return again with a new show, Americana. These award-winning performers have set their sights high with a grunge-pop musical that knocked the knee-high socks off every Scotsman within a 10-mile radius.

With the preview weekend only weeks away I have no doubt that the Fringe Festival 2015 will be bigger, and better than ever before.

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