Writing a to-do list that you’ll actually stick to

Constructing a to-do list at the start of the week is all good in well for understanding what you need to get done but not very successful if you don’t really follow it. Here are the best ways I will actually get things done.

#1 Identifying the tasks The majority of these for me will be any school deadlines, or scheduled blog posts I have that week. If I put these at the top of my to-do list then I can get these done first and complete the most important pieces first.

#2 Choose one platform I love writing by hand so writing everything down in a paper diary seemed to be the best option for me if I’m going to get things done. I do put events on iCal on my laptop but I don’t look at that everyday, my moleskine however is always with me so I can always refer back to it and check off anything I need to do.

#3 Don’t drown It’s very easy to write down every single thing you need to do and forget what you’re trying to achieve. Soon you’ll get overloaded and won’t get done as much as you had hoped at all. Mid-week reevaluate what you set out to do and see if it’s still achievable, otherwise at the end you’ll just be downhearted.

How do you set out to get your weekly tasks done?

Jess xx

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