The Morning Moments Every Girl Needs

  In my everyday adventure blog post, I mentioned about getting up early because mornings can determine the rest of your day and, as a result, lay better foundations for a more productive week. So if you are one of those girls who struggles to make the most of your mornings, I have four tips to create those morning moments we all need.


After 6-8 hours sleep (hopefully) as expected, you’re body can be quite dehydrated. I always like to drink a glass of cold water as soon as I get out of bed as not only does it rehydrate me, it also wakes me up. Sometimes I also fill up a bottle of water, add some lemon and lime, then refrigerate it overnight.


I don’t know how some people can focus without eating breakfast. I know that I always need to eat something to keep me going until lunch or I can’t concentrate.


I always sleep in such weird positions and wake up feeling tight and tense. To overcome this I like to spend 5-10 minutes stretching on my bedroom floor. It also helps me relax if I’m a little bit stressed.


Spending a whole day cooped up in your bedroom – a typical teenage girl thing – isn’t the best idea. Even just getting out and meeting up with your girlfriends for a coffee can help you relax and realise it isn’t the end of the world if you have a bad day

 What do you do to make the most of your mornings?

Jess xx

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