Little Things #1

IMG_2580Spring is in full bloom, gag, and with it my mind is blossoming, urgh, So I thought I’d get into the spirit and share a couple of little things with all of you from the past few weeks.

*Family & Friends With school breaking up for Easter holidays and taking a trip to California with all my friends I managed to spend a lot more time than I normally would with the people closest to me. This came at a very good time for me too so it was lovely to spend quality time with lovely people especially seeing as it was my birthday not long after. Having a meal out with my family was nice as we are never really all in the house at the same time and having a toga party with my friends was definitely one that wont be forgotten

*Girl Offline Whilst away I also spent a lot of time offline – this meant not refreshing emails, twitter, instagram or bloglovin’ and it cleared my mind a lot which was lovely. This also meant I did things for me not just the for the hell of posting them online.

*Puppies The first person/animal to welcome me home was gorgeous Maisy. I’m pretty sure she had grown in the week I was away but no one else backed me up on that one. family. It was a lovely surprise to see her bounding her way up to the gate to greet me with a wagging tail. And freshly washed too – bonus!

What little things have you been up to?

Jess xx

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