A Case of Writer’s Block

writersblock Writer’s block – we all get it.

Whether you’re a published author, a collumnist, a student trying to finish their English homework or a blogger writing from the comfort of their candle filled room everyone at some point will get writer’s block in some shape or form. We all know the feeling that suddenly hits us and right now I cannot seem to formulate proper sentences in my mind. I know I’m not a born writer, it is something I love but I have to work really hard once I think of an idea. It isn’t easy but I can’t see myself doing anything different in the future. To get through my writing roadblock I’ve been doing the following:

Stepping away from my laptop and moving towards the trusty pen and paper 

Sticking to writing in the most natural way for me 

Switching up my style – I’ve recently taken to poetry over prose 

Taking the time to edit my work and reading it out loud to myself

Stop pushing ideas if they aren’t going anywhere – I can always revisit it 

Going to a coffee shop with my inspiration playlist (below) and my journal to get a different scene 

Writing at the best times for me 

How do you deal with writer’s block?

Jess xx

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