I’ve been watching


Netflix is great!

Who would of guessed at the beginning of 2010 that in a mere 5 years time we could find our favourite TV shows on our 3 lb laptops?!

Not me!

With the evenings seemingly dragging it’s not wonder everyone seems to be heading straight to Netflix to catch up on the latest season of their favourite show.

So spend tonight in your comfiest pjs, with a warm cuppa and a couple of these shows:

Pretty Little Liars

Rosewood’s prettiest girls have finally joined the gang and Netflix are actually uploading the latest episodes every Thursday. I’d recommend starting from season 1 and going all the way through the 5 seasons just so then you have all the latest on A and know who is dead and who isn’t.

Dance Academy 

This show never fails to bring out my love for dance and make me want to do more. A story about -who would have guessed it- about dancers at a -wait for it- academy, giving us who have no rhythm a taste of what it would be like to make it big as a ballet dancer. Plus, it’s set in Sydney so they all have as amazing accent.

Stuck In Love 

Film time now and I watched this one for the first time only recently. If you had read my five quotes blog post then you’d know I think of myself as a hopeless romantic with books. This film combines love and a family of authors – literally my dream film.

Have you seen anything good recently?

Jess xx

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