New Years Resolutions


I decided to have a little break from blogging over christmas so just scheduled a few posts because we all need to take a minute every once in a while, and shamelessly plug previous blog posts!

But I am back from that break feeling refreshed with ideas buzzing around my mind that I can’t wait to share with you over the forthcoming months.

But now back to the present and onto my first resolution: I live in the future too much and am always planning to do something with the mind frame that it will be better than right now. This year I hope to take a journey but not into the future, or back into the past, but a journey the leads me to the best present possible.

However I can only stay in the present if I get over the fear; the fear of failing, not being good enough. This year I want to dig deep and learn to embrace those fears.

From facing my fears, to decluttering my life! I find that I cannot do any work if my room is messy, so since christmas had finished I cleared out my room and feel like my mind has also decluttered during that time.

I have a lot of bad habits like spending too much, procrastination, eating too much chocolate, and being addicted to my phone (come on we all have at least one bad habit). I want to leave these habits with 2014 and to do this, I hope to build daily routines to help keep going.

So these are my couple of resolutions I hope to keep with me throughout 2015, do you have any?

Jess xx

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