How To: Love The Weekend

When the weekend rolls around, as it does, I find it very hard getting out of school mode: wake up at 6:45, stretch and attempt exercise, breakfast, get ready for school, school, home, work, dinner, work, shower, read, sleep. I love to unwind at the weekend (or try to for, at the very least 3 hours on a Saturday and Sunday evening) and I also love finding new ways to unwind that actually work for me! I saw a little post on A Little Opulent a while back and thought I would try some of their tips and now I love the weekend and don’t feel stressed one bit!

Become a recluse Now I don’t mean run into the woods and talk to wolves (although do that if you wish), I mean get away from twitter, Facebook all that shebang and, you know what, turn off that phone as well (or do what I do and put it on do not disturb) and do something which doesn’t revolve around your fingers doing exercise on that keyboard.

Movie Marathon Mayhem Grab those films you’ve been meaning to watch for ages, grab your best friend, grab a cosy blanket, and grab that Ben and Jerry’s cookie dough ice cream you’ve been craving all week! It’s time to put on those granny pants and watch Bridget Jones!

Speaking of cookie dough… get in the kitchen! Go wild (but don’t set your house alight) I love these recipes for an evening at home: 3o minute caramel sweet rolls, Toblerone cookies, donut holes (from sweet treats), my personal favourite is the recipe for one chocolate chip cookie – because if you’re like me you always go overboard with the cookies…

Rest and relaxation……and reading. Here I share with you a list of the books I want to read this Autumn, why don’t you pick one up and start it too?

So these are some of the things I love to do at the weekends to take my mind off school and work – I also like to write blog posts for all you lovely faces to enjoy (currently tonight I have written 5 different posts, you could say I am on a blog roll hahahahahahaha…no? okay).

I am also partial to the more obvious spa/pamper evening at least once a fortnight!

To start, my cleansing oil, exfoliator, and two options for face masks
A hair mask, shampoo, and hair oil
Toner and hydration mask for the night

What do you do to unwind at the weekend?

Jess xx

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