14 Things….

 …That I wouldn’t of been able to live without this year

I apologise that this post is a couple of days late. I’ve had a lot on my mind recently and let things pile up a bit too much (and also on Friday I had only got up to number 11). Alas it is here now and I hope you enjoy.IMG_1801

2014 has been such a big year for me; going through A levels, Paris for my birthday, getting my A level results, becoming even closer than I thought possible with my friends, getting an internship, getting offers from Universities, and one of the biggest things, starting this blog. This year would not have happened the way it did without these 14 things.


  1. MacBook Air: An essential thing for an online blogger I feel. But even before I started jessiecrescent I don’t think I would’ve been able to get through my subjects without this bad boy! I have recently restored it and, as a result, freed up over half the storage on it; I could not be happier.
  2. An External Hard Drive: Leading on from my laptop, as the Air has a (in my eyes) minuscule storage size of 120GB, a hard drive was an essential for me to keep drafts of my writing without running out of space!
  3. Journal: I don’t think I would be sane without somewhere to write all the crazy living in my brain – I have 2 journals: a private and professional one (not really professional, but one I keep my ideas for pieces in) and they are 2 of the best investments I ever made (not to mention pens and pencils)
  4. Driver’s License: I turned 17 in April and went on to pass my test in November, I am so grateful to already have a car as I feel I have reached a new level of independence in my life (sorry mum)
  5. A Beautiful Workspace: I can’t remember a time this year when I wasn’t thinking about adding this or that to make me happy with where I did both school work and writing. But now when I take a break for even a minute I love just looking around and thinking how lucky I am to have what I do
  6. Origins: Origins have been my skin saviours this year. From the night-a-mins night cream, to the super spot remover, thanks to them and a little company called Liz Earle I am now very happy with my skincare routine and thankfully so is my skin!
  7. Books: I know this is a very generalised one, but I am genuinely so happy that I can get hold of books so easily as they have broadened my horizons to writing and I wouldn’t of been able to finish my personal statement without some words I picked up along the way – bombastic or not! (literary term right there)IMG_1806
  8. Canon: At the start of the summer I decided to leap into the unknown by getting rid of my canon DSLR and, in its place, invest in a canon EOS M. After seeing it on various blogs from people like Alix and Suzie, I was drawn to it and, honestly, haven’t looked back. The only difference I now notice is the size and colour.
  9. My Dogs: If you are a new reader or have just been living on another planet then you won’t know that I have 2 miniature schnauzers called Bilbo and Frodo. Both have been such a big part of my year, almost as big as their personalities! I love them and if you watch out, there might be another on the way….
  10. Surprises: Following on from that little surprise, 2014 has been filled with surprises, from big to small, each seem just as significant. And, as my dad would say, “they keep you young!”
  11. Safety: Contradicting to number 4, you’ll be unaware to the fact that last week I was involved in a car accident and my car was written off afterwards. Regardless to that fact I am so glad I have my safety and no-one was injured in the crash (apart from Darcy the corsa, R.I.P)IMG_0810
  12. Uni offers: Being in year 13 scares me a lot! In fact, I still don’t feel like I only have 5 months left of school. Applying for uni I am so glad I had my school to help and am so excited to be going for a taster day at my first choice next week.
  13. Family and friends: This year I feel like I have taken a milestone with regards to friends. I now know who the true ones are and I’m so happy they are by my side; I love you guys. It goes without saying that my family have also made such an impact on me in 2014 and I think this is the first time in my life I really appreciate what they do for me.
  14. You: Finally, I am so happy that I was brave enough to start this blog and have had so much support, be it from people who know me, or not. I have been nominated for the Liebster award (getting round to that post), had DMs on Twitter from people I vaguely know saying that they loved my writing style, and it all means so much, every comment, like and share really brighten my day and I can’t wait for what 2015 has to offer.

So that is it! Those are my 14 things from 2014. What are yours? Jess xxIMG_0849

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  1. rudinahp says:

    awww such a positive article.. It made me think “what are some of the things I couldn’t live without”, and it yes it is positive because whenever you think what those things are you also think “thanks God I have them” 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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