Looking Back: Summer hopefuls, Autumn reads

If you can remember as far back as the start of October, I wrote about the books that I would read this Autumn. If you can remember even FURTHER back, then you’ll remember my Summer Hopefuls blog post, where I talked about the books I was hoping to read this summer too.

Lets see how I did shall we?

Okay. Starting with summer hopefuls,

So I read The Book Thief and loved it! I have a review here if you missed it.

The Goldfinch. Wow. Well, I go a third of the way through it. Does that count? No? I thought the same. Well it’s just so hard to get through. But a lot of people have said that it is worth it so I’m going to keep going!

The Lemon Grove: Nope

Shatter Me trilogy: I read the first novel! And I loved it! but just haven’t been able to get round to reading the others. I will soon though!

My Life Next Door: It doesn’t even appeal to me anymore!

Now onto Autumn reads!

Gone Girl. Read it. Hated it. Saw the film. Loved it. You can check out my comparison post and my book review too.

I also read The Maze Runner and I loved it too! I’m going to write a review soon on jessicresent

Yes! Jess is doing well for Autumn reads!

Another not on that list is Bunker, which I bought when I went to a book warehouse, I read it a while ago (middle of October) but I didn’t really enjoy it

I recently finished Before I go to sleep because I wanted to see the film, I loved the novel and I can’t wait to see the film.

I read a couple of short stories in Creative Writing (Porcupines at the University, Mightier than the Sword, Opening, Miss Brill, Soul Mates, The Yellow Wallpaper, Tell Tale Heart, The Bloody Chamber, Nightingale and the Rose), and read some children’s books (Matilda, Tin Tin, George’s Marvellous Medicine.

i recently finished The Virgin Suicides and thought it was amazing! Expect a review soon

Finally I am currently reading The Bone Clocks, I love David Mitchell and everything he’s about!

So even though I didn’t read the books I hoped I would read, I definitely am happy with the amount I read.

Have you read anything good recently?

Jess xx

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