To Uni or Not To Uni

I know what you’re all thinking: “I bet with that AMAZING Shakespeare reference that girl is going to study English and be the next playwright!” well you probably aren’t thinking that, but isn’t it a good title?

With all the Universities having their open days and final drafts personal statements being written (mine is currently too long – whoops) I thought today I would share with you my opinion on the topic that centres every year 13’s mind this year.

Today (Saturday 27th September) I went to visit Southampton Solent University in, yep you guessed it, Southampton. It started of as a casual day for me, and after finding out my predicted grades (which I was not happy with at all) I was feeling a bit down. Long story short I went to look and the multimedia journalism course and LOVED IT. I originally was thinking journalism but, after talking to Kristian the course leader, Multimedia Journalism felt like me in a course, print, broadcasting, and online (praise the lord, I love blogging too much to let it go!). Going home I felt very confident that I had made the right decision in travelling down to that coastal campus and see what Solent had to offer.

Now, uni – yes or no.

Really, this is a personal thing to everyone. My sister for example, started her A levels, wanting to go into nursing or midwifery came out last year with a job in nannying that she still does, and loves, today! Just think, come out of sixth form straight into a well paying job and not have to worry about the £27,000+ loan you have to pay off. She doesn’t regret that at all.

What about me? A (slightly crazy) girl from Bucks with a love for writing. I did an internship over the summer at ThinkersLive, loved every second of it and even got the chance to write some blog posts for them. In my opinion, for a writer or journalist, one of the best ways to get into the industry is to know people. So surely that’s a great contact for me? However I cannot stop thinking about studying something I love, and having a university believe in me. I mean, university is a great experience, but why would you go just to do a course? I want to go to uni so I can take the skills I learn from there, and further them in a career that I don’t even need to call a job; whatever that may be. I am torn between the two.

Uni – yes or no.

Uni – yes or no?

What do you think? Uni. Yes? Or no?

Jess xx

UPDATE: I thought I would update this quickly, as you can see I wrote this a while back and since then have sent off my UCAS application. If you are friends with me on Facebook you will know I have since then received one offer, one interview, and been asked to send a portfolio of my work to various universities that I applied for. If you would like me to write a post on my UCAS and uni dilemmas then comment down below. Have a great weekend! 

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