The Maze Runner

Reading this book turned out to be a unique experience. I bought this book about 6 months ago at a time when I was having a dystopian novel overload. I don’t know why but I was never able to actually pick this book up. To be perfectly host, the only reason I picked it up when I did was because the film was coming out.

But I’m so glad I did.

This boo reminds me a lot of The Lord of the Flies – you know, young boys roaming around this new world they know nothing about. A boo where you read about a group of people governing themselves always interests me, and I was fascinated by the huge maze concept infested with giant slug/lizard/robot creature things…!

I did have a problem with the book however, you understand the majority of their world within a few chapters and then wonder what the plot is. And you keep wondering for the next 300 pages! Most of the time you just read about Thomas, the main character, asking questions. None of which get answered. The plus side coming out of this, though, was I had to keep reading to find out if the plot would go anywhere.

Eventually (the last 50-80 pages) I did, and it was everything I had hoped for and more – too bad it was only for 1/3 of the book. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed The Maze Runner and I am looking forward to reading the next book; and seeing the film!

Note to self: Find out if a book is part of a trilogy beforehand so you aren’t left really confused at the end. But that did explain all that, in a way, unneeded writing in the middle as I’ve heard it’s necessary information for the other two novels; would’ve helped if I knew that before!

Jess xx

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