Gone Girl

Hello everyone!

I am currently sunbathing and loving life in Dubai but still want all you lovely readers of jessiecrescent involved. Have a great week!

I had three motives to start reading Gone Girl:

  1. I wanted to see the film and always promise myself I’ll read the book before the film
  2. In Creative Writing we are studying Crime and Thriller (and writing our own – how exciting) and I though it would be a good novel in that genre
  3. Everyone said it was amazing

Gone Girl is written from alternating perspectives: Nick, who opens the novel by studying his wife’s skull in bed; and Amy, the character who closes the novel and the one who gives the book its name.

I really liked the structure of the novel – this being the dual perspective narrative, the very VERY descriptive images, and the use of italics to show unsaid actions.

But that was were my like for this book ended.

This is a very hard book to review as saying anything will spoil it, but I think I can say the book is split into three parts. The first part I genuinely enjoyed and I had no idea what was going to happen. The characters were exactly how I imagined them to be. Then at the very start of part 2 the plot made a massive U-turn in a direction I didn’t want it to go.

Let’s just say it went downhill from there and I would not recommend this book to anyone.

I have now also seen the film as you may of noticed if you read this post, I will do a comparison soon. If you ask me, the film was so much better.

What do you think?

Jess xx

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