Fall into Winter – my favourite bits

Okay, so technically Fall is the American version of the season, but it kinda worked with my Spring into Summer style post.

I would say Autumn is my favourite season, but then when it comes to February, I can’t wait for Spring, May, I can’t wait for Summer, and November, I can’t wait for Winter! I guess I just love them all in different ways.

With September in full swing and the Summer Days drifting further into the past (In England there weren’t many to begin with but oh well), sandals and shades have been swapped for scarves and…(I can’t think of another thing beginning with S)…ankle boots? yeah, we’ll go with ankle boots; and fresh berries have been traded in for homely soups.

Can you not already figure out why I love Autumn? Yes? No? Well either way, the rest of this post is going to tell you all about my favourite bits!

  Number 1: Cosy-ness 

When else would you have an excuse to wonder round the house wearing novelty slippers, an oversized dressing gown that belonged to your dad but you ‘borrowed it’ because what men wear dressing gowns?, and sipping on a warm beverage of your choice in a ma-whoo-sive Cath Kidston mug (herbal tea for me, but hot chocolate is also allowed)? Speechless? My words Exactly.


Number 2: Warm drink-ness…

We’ll go with it…Carrying on from my previous point, wondering around with a warm drink in your hands literally screams “Autumn/Winter, I accept you.” does it Jessica? Well no not for me as drinking lots of tea is part of my daily routing, but it’s more acceptable now we’re into the colder months. I also enjoy heart warming soups and stews this time of the year too, but not in the Summer mother (I hope you read this)!

Go on…Take a sip

Number 3: Snug as a bug dog in a rug blanket

How could I do a post which involved schnauzer slippers but not include the real deal? I love those evenings when you light the fire, snuggle up on the sofa, laugh with your family, watch a season-suitable film (Miracle on 34th Street a must in our household), and wrap your dogs up in a soft blanket so they look like old ladies. What did you say deary?

Number 4: Halloween

Ooooohhhhhh SPOOKY!!!!! Sadly I will not be in this country for halloween – I’m visiting my aunt and uncle in Dubai – but rest assured, I have made my best friends make sure we do something halloweeny when I’m back (Good for them, they get 2 halloweens!).


Number 5: Releasing my inner ARTISTE

Following on from my previous point, I do enjoy a bit of the old pumpkin carving this time of the year. I wonder if it’s acceptable to stick knives into pumpkins and create various weird, whacky but downright adorable faces in the UAE? Hhhmmmmm…

Number 6: Crisp, Cold, yet weirdly heart-warming walks

A little bit of juxtaposition there (oh Mrs Strain, how you would be proud of me) but those three adjectives perfectly describe a walk for me. The Perks of Living in the British Countryside, there are so many routes for you, 10 other family members and 5 dogs could take, it’s unfathomable (Just full of big words today). Speaking of unfathomable….

Number 7: Actually doing schoolwork 

…Since a lot of 17 year olds up and down the country shed some a lot of tears on the deadly day that was August 14th, surprisingly, I’m looking forward to starting the new school year and studying 3 of my favourite subjects.

Number 8: Nippy Nails

Okay that pun is really bad on my behalf – I was trying to find a good word beginning with N to describe Autumnal nail varnish colours – but if you know me or follow my instagram, you will know that I am OBSESSED with nail varnish and painting my nails.

It’s a real problem.

Anywho! I thought I would share with you a few of my favourite classic colours for the seasons, ya know, deep berries, blues, nudes, and what not. Oh and glitter!


The shades from L-R:

Nails inc gel Kensington High Street|Maybelline super stay Moss Forever|Essie Stylenomics|Topshop Tidal|Bourjois So laque 05|Barry M Red Wine|Essie Beyond Cozy 

Some of my other favourite polishes not shown for Autumn/Winter are: Barry M Red Glitter, Essie Blue Aruba, Essie Bahama Mama, Barry M Watermelon, Tanya Burr Penguin Chic, Maybelline super stay Berry Stain, Topshop Rainy Day.

Number 9: FALLing for new songs

With a new season comes new songs, I love creating new playlists for different seasons (you can check out my playlist for summer here) and you can check out my Fall into Autumn playlist here:

So these are my favourite things about autumn and that is all from me today.

What’s your favourite thing about Autumn?

Jess xx

Disclaimer: No dogs were hurt in the making of this blog post

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