In Photos: Summer

This Summer has been the fastest one I can remember! Filled with work, friends, sun and A LOT of shopping, I can safely say that all the different sides of me have been satisfied. Anyway, enough chatting, time for the pictures!


I found out that I have a love for strawberry and cream cupcakes; they are the epitome of British Summertime in cake form!


I went to see Billy Elliot with my best friends and it was amazing!





I went on a trip to Dorset with my family, you can check out that post here.


I tried a lot of new recipes, one of these was strawberry frozen yoghurt, it tasted so good!


Cheesecake. That is all.


I have never really been a fan of roses, but these made me melt. They just made me think of the sunset and I loved them!


Our friend had her 18th birthday so we used it as an excuse to get all dressed up and celebrate with her.


Spending a nice evening with my family in London was such a treat!

IMG_0707 IMG_0730




I love the flowers in my garden, they are gorgeous and so photogenic! 

IMG_0810 IMG_0814 IMG_0841 IMG_0847 IMG_0849 IMG_0877 IMG_0879

BBQing and dog walking made the perfect end to a beautiful Summer.

Now September is here, it’s time to say hello to fires in the evenings, and ankle boots (yay)

What was your favourite part of Summer? 

Jess xx

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