In Reviews: Fractured

If I were to sum up Fractured in one sentence, it would be: ‘a love story with a twist that left me over thinking what I had just read.’

The book was told from the point of view of Rachel. At the start we see her having a final meal with her friends, boyfriend and best friend before they all head their separate ways for university. That night there is a terrible accident in which Rachel’s best friend, Jimmy, saves her life and is killed in return. It switches between the time of the accident where Rachel is 18 and carefree, and 5 years later when she is trapped by her own fear.

After seeing how the accident has changed her, we see the story switch to another time – still 5 years after the accident – where Rachel’s life is completely different. She wakes after being mugged and is awoken into the life she would be living if there is no accident. She’s engaged to Matt (her high school boyfriend) and Jimmy is alive. But one little hitch, she still remembers her old life. Rachel tries to piece everything together and find out exactly what happened.

I really enjoyed this book as I was on the edges of my seat and witnessed so many unexpected turns. It was very hard to figure out where all the pieces slotted in to the mysterious puzzle and at first there doesn’t seem to be any logic. Despite this, the story itself isn’t overly complicated and I have to say the end left my crying on my bed.

A must read in my eyes, Fractured did not disappoint and by the end pulled every single heart string.

Have you read Fractured?

Jess xx


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