A Summer Playlist

Summer=sunbathing, and sunbathing=a very bored Jess; unless, of course, I have some of my favourite songs of the moment with me on hand – please say I’m not the only one who listens to the same songs on repeat for about 2 months then will not listen to them again? Well that isn’t completely true, I do have some favourites which I have listened to for months if not years. But sometimes there are someΒ songs which are very in the moment (Summer) songs, these songs I will just listen to on spotify for the season until I choose to listen to something else. Today I thought I would share with you the playlist of songs I am currently listening to, such an excitingly named playlist of “Summer Songs” (If you hadn’t guessed already by some of my previous posts I am the literal definition of Captain Obvious)

What kind of music is on your Summer Playlist? I’d love to know!



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