In Food: Go-to breakfasts

  Ever since the beginning of 2011 my dad has been hammering into my head that cereals weren’t good for you. But why was I to believe him? We have been told for decades to eat cereal in order to gain energy to last us until 11am where we can have a snack. Long story short we are told one piece of information, and then will not accept anything else. Earlier this year my dad released an e-book (the health equation – a way of life) about a lifestyle change that will not only make you lose weight, it will also make you feel amazing. Introducing metabolic balance.
I’ve followed this ‘way of life’ on and off since 2011 and I know one thing for sure: I feel so much better when I follow it.
Today I am going to share with you two of my go to breakfast which keep my going until about 1, or when I eat my lunch (5-6hours after breakfast).

When I wake up I start with a pint glass of cold water from the fridge and either green or peppermint tea.

Poached egg with avocado on rye:


The name explains it all really, but I shall explain anyway. I am not a massive bread fan; actually, I’m not really a bread, pasta, all those kinda carb fans (apart from cake, I do love cake) and the above always feel heavy in my stomach. However, this rye bread is not made with wheat flour but actually rye flour (so many self explanatory things today) which not only suppresses your appetite, it also alleviates bloating and has four times the fibre of white bread – your digestive system will like the sound of that! With the rye I like to mash up half an avocado as a butter alternative (don’t be too afraid, it doesn’t taste of anything) then poach either one or two eggs, today it was two and that was because they were small ones from my welsh summer bantam (a really small chicken). All the eggs I’ll eat come from my chickens and they always taste so good! I will poach them until they are just over done (I prefer the yolk to not be as runny) and then I will top it off with pepper and salt to taste. It takes about 5 minutes to make – simple.


Natural yoghurt with strawberries and linseed: 


Right so firstly I do admit that I went a little arty with the photos but come on, if you had this tasty looking breakfast wouldn’t you? No? Well then.


Again this recipe has 3 ingredients, all of which you can buy from your local supermarket. The first is natural yoghurt; now my dad has natural sheep yoghurt but he hasn’t converted me that much to enjoy that gloopy muck (no offence dad). The next thing is strawberries, lovely this time of the year, I have about 4 or 5 cut up small (Can you believe that the photo above only used 5 of the red beauties?) and just sprinkle them on top as a finishing touch. Just before this finishing touch though I have 1 tbsp of linseed (or flaxseed). These tiny seeds that are full of goodness are mixed into the yoghurt or if I feel lazy I sprinkle them on top. And there you have it, quicker than the first breakfast, but just as tasty, filling, and healthy!

Artistic photograph overload alert!

 Jess xx


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